Film & Video

Environmental Justice and Effective Outreach Methods in the Duwamish Valley a 20-min mini documentary  featuring a series of interviews with community leaders in the Duwamish Valley (By  Ruben Chi Bertoni )

PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters (Duwamish River segment)

Digital Stories by Duwamish and Asian/Pacific Islander Youth:

– “My Generation” – Alyssa Johnson, Duwamish Tribe (granddaughter of Tribal Chairwoman Cecile Hanson)

– “Generations away from the Duwamish” – Jac Trautman, Duwamish/Lummi

– “A River Revealed: Talking with Fishermen of the Duwamish River” – Project WILD

KCTS History Cafe: History of the Duwamish River

Coll Thrush, historian, on the Duwamish language and river

Native American story, as told by Roger Fernandes: the history and future of Duwamish river valley; excerpt from “Changing Course,”documentary work in progress

“On the Trail of the Duwamish” Poem by Darby Ringer, from the Jones & Jones field school along the Duwamish river in Seattle; excerpt from “Changing Course,”documentary work in progress

Episcopal Church Environmental Stewardship, featuring a video of James Rasmussen from the Duwamish Tribe talking Mike Schut about the Duwamish river cleanup.

Changing Course Documentary film by Patricia O’Brian (rough cut, unreleased)

Duwamish River Times: Foster High School video project

Superfund Resources

Environmental Protection Agency: Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund site

Dept of Ecology: Lower Duwamish Pollution Source Control page

Lower Duwamish Waterway Group web site

Green-Duwamish Watershed/WRIA 9: Interagency salmon enhancement group for the Green-Duwamish River

The Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP) is a network of universities seeking solutions to the complex health and environmental issues associated with the nation’s hazardous waste sites.

Environmental Health & Justice Resources

Communities Count Social and Health Indicators across King County, WA.  2008 Report available now.

South Seattle Air Toxic Study Health Assessment, Washington Department of Health

Safe Cosmetics Database Products you use can be harmful to your health, and the environment via your sink and bathtub drain. “Skin Deep” is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group

SUPERFUND 365 Visit a Superfund site every day for a year

B-Sustainable A resource for tracking progress and coordinating action towards 16 Sustainability Goals in King County, WA.

Toxipedia launches The World Library of Toxicology, Chemical Safety and Environmental Health, a free global Web portal that provides the scientific community and public with links to major government agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, professional societies, and other groups addressing issues related to toxicology, public health, and environmental health.

SEATTLE GREAT CITY INITIATIVE Environmentalists, neighborhood leaders, business people, and citizens working together to enhance quality of life, help preserve our region’s natural beauty, and make Seattle a model of economic and environmental sustainability.

Recreation in the Duwamish

Alki Kayaks: rent kayaks, bikes, long boards and roller blades at Seacrest Dock.

TIDES ON THE DUWAMISH: Don’t get caught in the muck!


Beacon Alliance of Neighbors

Sustainable South Seattle

White Center Blog

For Fun!

The 4400, a now-cancelled show on USA, featuring a Duwamish River plot involving a mysterious ‘messiah.’

The Duwamish Terror: a creative animation piece about Duwamish sewer zombies.


Google for Non Profits

Organizing a Neighborhood-Clean Up: Organize a Neighborhood-CleanUp!