Past Duwamish Alive! Events

As one of the founding members of Duwamish Alive!, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG is committed to support the ongoing restoration work at T-107.  Interested in volunteering with us?  Check out when the next event is here.

Here is a look at some of our past events:

A Look at the Fall 2015 Duwamish Alive!

On October 17, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG, EarthCorps Sound Stewards, and Puget Soundkeeper worked with over 50 volunteers, caring for important habitat and public access space along the Duwamish River.

20151017_103344IMG_2485It was a day with work being done on land on the river.  With T-107 Park as the backdrop, over 50 volunteers worked to pull invasives, plant natives, and pick up litter!  This effort supports the health of this restoration area and historical site originally built as a construction site for a marine terminal.  The park overlooks the original bends of the Duwamish River and serves as a place where salmon and other wildlife can rest, feed, and escape from predators.

Here is a look at some of the highlights from the day!

  • 18,870 square feet of restoration area was maintained, with almost all of the invasives that could be seen removed!¬† This included bindweed, blackberry, clematis, and more!
  • 40 natives – including 12 trees – were planted¬†on the site!
  • 286 pounds of litter¬†and debris were removed from our river
  • And fun was had by all!¬†¬†Take a look at the day¬†– including why our volunteers are donating their time to care for this river.

There were many groups that need to be thanked for ensuring this was a successful day: Alki Kayak Tours for providing kayaks and guides on the river; Port of Seattle for providing the port-a-potty and tools; Earthcorps for providing tools and leadership on the site; Fonté Coffee for providing a warm beverage to start the day; Duwamish Longhouse for welcoming the volunteers with soup and a concert; Recology for providing waste management at the site; and to all of the volunteers who came out for the day!

We so enjoy working with all of you to keep site beautiful and healthy!

A look at the Spring 2015 Duwamish Alive! 10th Anniversary Celebration

Over 50 volunteers joined DRCC/TAG and EarthCorps Sound Stewards as we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Duwamish Alive! at T-107.   Duwamish Alive! events are a collaborative effort of local communities, non-profits, municipalities and businesses.  T-107 was one of 11 sites on April 18, 2015 where over a 1000 volunteers were rolling up their sleeves and helping keep sites throughout the watershed healthy and beautiful!

A few highlights from our day at T-107:

  • The day started with presenting 6 volunteers with the John Beal Environmental Stewardship Volunteer Award, honoring their dedication to restoring this watershed and inspiring others to care for it as well.¬† Award winners included: Brooke Alford, Mike Arizona, Scott Blackstock, Marianne Clark, Peg Peterson, and Susan Ward
  • While they enjoyed the sunshine, volunteers worked together to maintain close to 700 square feet of restoration area.¬† This included pulling invasives like bluebells, knotweed, blackberry, thistle, and shot weed as well as spreading 2 cubic yards of mulch!
  • James Rasmussen shared about the river’s history and the importance of each and everyone’s voice in the cleanup over lunch in the park
  • Briar Bates worked on her live willow sculpture of a container ship barge as part of¬†Duwamish Revealed!
  • And we all celebrated the anniversary with giveaways and cake!

Check out photos from the day!

THANK YOU to each and every volunteer that made this day possible.  It was a great success!

Thank you to the Port of Seattle for their partnership at this site!  Thank you as well to Recology for providing waste bins and to the Shack Coffee for providing our volunteers with refreshments!

Duwamish Alive! – Fall 2014

Thank you to the volunteers who joined us for the Fall 2014 Duwamish Alive!  As part of the hundreds of volunteers throughout the Watershed, 28 volunteers worked with DRCC/TAG and Sound Stewards at T-107 to:

  • Planted 245 new, native plants
  • Removed 690 sq. ft of invasive plant species
  • Maintained 300 existing plantings
  • Laid 4 cubic yards of mulch

Thank you to everyone who made this event a success – your contribution to restoring Seattle’s only river means so much!

Duwamish Alive! – Spring 2014

Through the Duwamish Alive! sites, we had more than 650 volunteers work to restore 13 different sites within the Duwamish River Watershed.

Together, we:

  • spread 23,950 square feet of mulch
  • removed 107,250 square feet of invasive plants
  • removed over 260 pounds of debris from the Duwamish River
  • planted 125 native plants
  • performed key maintenance at 5 neighborhood rain gardens in both Georgetown and South Park!

Duwamish Alive - October 2013and there are some great photos to prove it.

Thank you so much to all our incredible volunteers and organizers that made this happen.

Hats off to:

The DRCC/TAG crew restored T-107, an important archaeological, cultural and historical site that sits on the shores of the original Duwamish River. Also known as Terminal 107, this portion of the riverbank was originally the construction site for a marine terminal. In 1977, artifacts were found during the development process, which halted all construction. The tribe and the community fought to preserve the area, and today it now stands as a wildlife habitat and a lovely public access site that overlooks the only original bends in the river. T-107 is an important habitat node, or oasis, where returning salmon and other wildlife can rest, feed and escape from predators…we want to keep it this way, and make it even better!

Duwamish Alive! – Fall 2013

Check out some of the great photos from the event.

We had a great fall Duwamish Alive! event on Saturday, October 19th! Thank you so much to everybody that showed up at Terminal 107 (T-107) and helped us make our river a healthier place for our community, fish and wildlife! Here are some of the highlights of the event we would like to share with you:

  • Thirty (30) people volunteered their time
  • 164 native plants were planted
  • Two and a half (2.5) cubic yards of mulch were spread in a 180 ft2 area
  • A 140 ft2 area was cleared of invasive plants (blackberry, Scott’s broom, English ivy, Wusteria, buttercup and more)



A special shout out to LUSH Freash Handmade Cosmetics, Community Alliance for Global Justice and the Environmental Law Society – Seattle University for their awesome teams at DRCC/TAG’s site at T-107.


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