Empowered Eco Education: Environmental Education in South Park

IMG_2451Students looking at a map of the river

Digging in and learning about environmental issues is not necessarily a standard activity at an after school program.  But that is exactly what 3rd and 4th graders are doing on Friday afternoons at Concord International Elementary School.  Empowered Eco-Ed is a project developed by UW Earth Club Members in the Spring of 2013 in which students work together to put together hands-on environmental education lessons for these students.

Now, in partnership with UW Pipeline Project, Empowered Eco-Ed is a seminar class on environmental education and curriculum writing.  Students are still heading down to Concord every Friday to expand the reach of environmental education while learning about teaching!  In Winter 2015, 9 undergraduate students from a range of majors learned how to write and teach environmental education lessons – check out their reflections here.

IMG_7721Because of the generosity of individual donors, DRCC/TAG is able to support this great project by providing funds for lesson supplies and transportation from UW to South Park.

Over 30 students at Concord got to dig into everything from salmon and their habitats to food webs to air pollution.  Take a look at some highlights from Winter 2015:

  • Using magnifying glasses to check out a treasure trove of fish preserved in jars  – including puffer fish and rex sole.
  • Kids creating their own watersheds using clay and watching how water flows over it!  (one even included people picking up litter in the mountains!)
  • Kids becoming a living illustration of the Duwamish food web
  • And celebrating the quarter with a dance party!

IMG_2589To check out all the lessons from this quarter, check out the Empowered Eco Education project blog.  (These lessons are pretty inspirational!)

We are proud to be able to support this project – and look forward to continuing working with these inspirational college students!