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From Macklemore To Chief Seattle’s Descendant, Many Are Eager For Duwamish River Cleanup

Published on in KUOW

Macklemore rolls up in his signature old black Cadillac, sporting black Ray-Bans and big boots.

He’s late. “Google took us on a bit of a joy ride this morning,” explains the rapper (real name: Ben Haggerty).

But fortunately, Seattle’s beloved star hasn’t left concert-goers in a lurch. He’s not here to perform. He’s come to this heavily industrial and polluted part of South Seattle to go for a paddle on the river he’s made his cause celebre: the Duwamish.

“Industry has come in here and made this water crazy levels of toxicity,” Macklemore said, before dragging his kayak down the rocky beach. “And it’s pushed away, it’s not talked about much and I wanted to get involved in any way that I could.”

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Macklemore visits West Seattle to honor the cleanup of the Duwamish River

Published on in West Seattle Herald

Sporting his trademark undercut hairdo and wearing a reflective wide smile, Seattle hip hop artist Ben Haggerty, 31, better known as Macklemore, appeared at the Duwamish Longhouse Museum in West Seattle Wednesday. He was there to celebrate the achievements of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition’s (DRCC) “River For All” campaign, launched last June.

Macklemore gave a brief speech and said, “The pollution and injustice that has happened so long here, I understood it, but I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I came here this summer and met with you guys who’ve put in so much work to right this wrong and to honor the (river.) I think it is is our responsibility.

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Hip Hop Icon Macklemore Joins ‘A River for All’ Campaign

Published on in Eco Watch

Hip hop icon Macklemore joined Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (DRCC) and Seattle, WA civic leaders last week to launch “A River for All” campaign to ensure a clean and healthy Duwamish River.

DRCC, Puget Soundkeeper and a growing list of civic leaders insist a stronger cleanup plan is needed to protect communities and restore Seattle’s only river. The current plan, favored by city and county officials, would leave dangerous levels of toxic chemicals like arsenic and PCBs, posing health risks to people, wildlife and the entire Puget Sound food web. Experts agree more needs to be done.

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Macklemore joins group demanding Duwamish river clean-up

Published on in KING 5 Television

SEATTLE – A newly formed group of community leaders who say they represent residents, Tribes, workers, fishing families and others, is demanding a better cleanup plan for the Duwamish River.

The group kicked off its “River for All” campaign with a new billboard on Highway 99 South where it crosses the Duwamish. It features their celebrity member, Seattle hip hop artist Macklemore.

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Macklemore on the Duwamish: My river is filthy

Published on in The Seattle Times

By Katharine Schwab/Special to The Seattle Times

Macklemore added another cause to his list with his participation in the River For All campaign, which calls on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local government officials to provide an adequate cleanup plan for the toxically polluted Duwamish River.

“This is our city’s only river, and I want to do my part to make sure that it’s safe to reside here,” Macklemore said in a statement on the campaign’s website, which features personal testimonials from Seattleites from a diverse group of communities. “I stand in solidarity with community leaders and families who have organized for years to right this injustice.”

The rap star will also appear on a billboard on Highway 99 South where the highway approaches the Duwamish.

The Duwamish is one of the most toxic waste sites in the nation.

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Macklemore Is Basically Captain Planet Now

Published on in MTV News

Just call him Captain Planet. Native Seattleite Macklemore has pitched in to help clean up the city’s extremely polluted river, The Duwamish, and he’s doing so with a big ol’ billboard.

“We are Seattle,” the always hometown-proud rapper wrote on his website. “No bridge, boundaries or invisible man-made lines divide us. This is our home, our people and our community. This is our city’s only river, and I want to do my part to make sure that it’s safe for all that reside here. I stand in solidarity with community leaders and families who have organized for years to right this injustice.”

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Macklemore backing clean-up campaign for Seattle river

Published on in The Daily Express - England

Rapper MACKLEMORE is going green in support of a new campaign to clean up the Duwamish River in Washington.

The river runs through the star’s native Seattle and he is fronting a new drive to help protect the water source from pollution.

The River for All scheme urges local officials to clean up the Duwamish after it was listed as one of the most toxic sites in the U.S

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