Superfund in the news

2010 River Cleanup Alternatives (Feasibility Study)

March 21, 2011, “Should Duwamish cleanup also focus on health of people living nearby?”

March 21, 2011, “Would you eat Duwamish fish? Some do, despite warnings.”

January 13, 2011, “Time to commit to a wider approach to cleaning up the Duwamish River.” Seattle Times Op/Ed by James Rasmussen and Richard Conlin

December 28, 2010, “EPA Unveils Options for Duwamish Cleanup.” Seattle Times

December 16, 2011, “Duwamish River Cleanup Options, the EPA, and the South Park Community.” Green Acre Radio KBCS FM 91.3; read the transcript on the Seattle P.I. Reader Blog page.

December 8, 2010, “Public Hearing on Duwamish Cleanup,” Real Change News

December 7, 2010, “KUOW’s The Conversation: Duwamish Cleanup.” Ross Reynolds interviews Robert McClure, from InvestigateWest, about 15 minutes into show.

December 7, 2010, “Duwamish River: Should the Cleanup make Fish Safe to Eat Regularly?” Crosscut/InvestigateWest

November 15, 2010, “EPA’s Plan to Clean Up Duwamish River Isn’t Enough.” The Stranger’s SLOG.

October 19, 2010, “Time for Everyone’s Opinion on Key Duwamish Decisions,” West Seattle Blog. Excellent summary, w/links of Duwamish River cleanup

October 19, 2010, “Duwamish River Cleanup could Cost more than $1Billion,” KIRO Radio News

October 19, 2010, “Public Forum on Duwamish Cleanup Airs Concerns and Clarifies Goals,” West Seattle Herald

October 17, 2010, “New Superfund Cleanup Proposals Released for Duwamish River,” West Seattle Herald



Slip 4 Cleanup

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, February 6, 2007: “PCBs threaten Duwamish River cleanup near Boeing Field”

REAL CHANGE, October 5, 2006: “PCB contaminated South Seattle inlet slated for cleanup”

REAL CHANGE NEWS, March 1, 2006: “Getting a Grip on the Slip”