The Jorgensen Forge facility was scheduled for cleanup as part of the Lower Duwamish River Superfund cleanup. The site is located at 8531 East Marginal Way South in Tukwila, Washington. Originally developed in 1942 by the Navy to produce naval equipment, the property has had a variety of owners over the last seven decades. Currently the facility is owned and operated by the Jorgensen Forge Corporation and is still in use as a steel and aluminum forge for various industrial clients. Jorgensen Forge Corporation will conduct the cleanup with EPA oversight.

DRCC/TAG Recommendations
DRCC/TAG supports EPA’s selection of Alternative 4 which proposes complete removal of all contaminated sediments below the Washington State Sediment standards followed by a clean layer of backfill.

Jorgensen Forge Fact Sheet (EPA)

Jorgensen Forge Community Fact Sheet (DRCC/TAG) and preliminary comments and concerns

COALITION COMMENTS on Jorgensen Forge cleanup plan (coming soon)

EPA will accept written public comments on their cleanup plans for Boeing plant 2 until June 30, 2011. This is the only opportunity for the public to weigh in on plans for the cleanup at the Jorgensen Forge site.
Comments can be sent to EPA via email to: Please ‘cc’ DRCC/TAG on your letters at:

Standard postal mail comments can be sent to: U.S. EPA, Region 10
ATTN: Shawn Blocker 1200 6th Avenue, Suite 900, AWT-121
Seattle WA, 98101