#Riverforall is working! Thank you for your support!

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Fremont Brewing duwamish is my river
Thanks to you, the EPA and our local elected officials are paying attention to the importance of a healthy and sustainable Duwamish River cleanup. Your involvement and support is making a difference!

Your voices have been joined by thousands of your friends, neighbors and allies across the country who are speaking up to demand that our government to do right by our river and its communities. We’ve heard from scientists, waterfront workers, politicians, Tribal members, immigrant families, businessmen, fishermen, and everybody in between.

Our Mayor and Councilmembers have heard our message and have started to respond, but have still not committed to supporting a stronger river cleanup in order to protect our communities – local residents, Tribes, workers and subsistence fishing families.

We have to keep pushing. Here’s how:

1) Get everyone you know to send a message using our action page

Share this link on all your social networks using #riverforall and keep them coming!

2) Contact your electeds

Half-measures for our Duwamish communities are not good enough. We need to permanently remove more toxic waste, kick-start recovery to protect people’s health more quickly, and enforce controls on ongoing pollution to protect our investment in cleanup.

We have only one chance to do this right, and ensure a clean and healthy river for our children and their future generations.

Please make sure everyone you know understands what’s at stake and speaks up for a stronger river cleanup. You can even talk about it with people you don’t know: the Duwamish River belongs to all of us – a River For All!

Use our simple template to write to your elected representatives and share our action page far and wide – http://riverforall.org/action

The river and its many communities thank you!

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