Rain2River Program

Thank you for making our Rain2River program such a success!

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Here are some highlights we want to share with you:

  • We hosted four Rain2River Walks, two in neighborhoods located within the Duwamish River drainage basin but where we’ve never worked before
  • We hosted two Boat Tours for more than 80 people, who learned about green and grey infrastructure, sustainable practices, polluted runoff, the Duwamish River, environmental justice, and what they can do to help reduce pollution of our environment.

About Rain2River

Rain2River (R2R) is DRCC/TAG’s newest program.  It was created after identifying the need to take a holistic, watershed approach to informing, educating, engaging and empowering the community through the public process of the cleanup of the Duwamish River Superfund site and the control of polluting sources.  Our goal is to make sure the communities in the entire CSO drainage basin understand the connection between their actions, how these affects the health of Seattle’s only river and the communities that depend on it, and to connect them with existing, easy and affordable solutions and resources that can help them address these issues.

R2R Walk - Beacon Hill

The R2R Program features two main components, Walks and Boat Tours.  This spring, we will be hosting four (4) Walks and two to four (2-4) Boat Tours on the Duwamish River (depending on the number of attendees on each Walk).  During these, DRCC/TAG’s staff and partners (guest speakers including: local community members, local government representatives, non-profits’ staff and businesses representatives), will cover topics such as grey and green infrastructure, polluted runoff, sustainable practices, Duwamish River Superfund site, environmental justice, and more, which will help us achieve our main objectives:

Rain2River Walk

1.     Informing and Educating

2.     Making Connections and Finding Solutions

3.     Empowering Through Taking Actions

Read Amy Waterman’s blog post about our Rain2River Walk in the Beacon Hill neighborhood here.