Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis (CHIA)

The Duwamish Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis (CHIA)

The Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis examines a range of disproportionate health exposures and impacts affecting people in the Duwamish Valley and makes recommendations to promote an equitable and protective river cleanup that protects the health of all residents.  Published in 2013 by DRCC/TAG and Just Health Action, this report continues to inform community projects and priorities.

CHIA Report and Support Documents

Cumulative Impact Analysis Poster: Using Science to Influence Decision-making in Seattle, WA 

Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis FACT SHEET & RECOMMENDATIONS

Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis REPORT 

Appendix A: Additional indicator maps: Figures A1–A9 & Tables A1–A2

Appendix B: Community Based Participatory Research: Figures B1–B2

– Appendix C: Data – Table C1 (raw data for Fig. 2–17)*, Table C2 (health indicators for 10 ZIP codes), Table C3 (Duwamish Valley indicators)

*This appendix is a large excel file. Please contact us via email to request delivery of an electronic copy:


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