Health Impact Assessment & Policy Recommendations (HIA)

The Duwamish River Cleanup Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

The HIA examines possible unintended health benefits and consequences of EPA’s proposed cleanup plan, such as changes in diet and cultural practices resulting from contaminated fish or opportunities for local employment in cleanup-related jobs. The HIA makes recommendations for strategies to minimize health impacts, maximize benefits, and reduce inequities.

UPDATE: The City of Seattle has allocated $250k from the Duwamish Opportunity Fund to implement recommendations identified from our original HIA report. In May 2014, we convened a community action team representing different stakeholders to guide the project selection process. Stay tuned for updates on these new projects to benefit the health of the Duwamish Valley community!

HIA Documents

Health Impact Assessment Final Report and Executive Summary, September 2013

Letter from Mayor McGinn, Seattle City Councilmembers, committing to implementation of select HIA Recommendations

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Flyer

Duwamish HIA Scoping Document


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