Open Letter to EPA, Seattle, King County, Port

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Open Letter to EPA, Seattle Mayor McGinn, King County Executive Constantine, Port CEO Tay Yositani:

Seattle Needs A River For All  (click link for full text)

EPA has released its draft plan for cleanup of the Duwamish River. State and federal laws require the cleanup to protect people’s health, or at least reduce pollution to levels found in unaffected areas of Puget Sound.

EPA says that it does not expect its own plan to meet the requirements of the law. It will not protect the health of people who eat the river’s resident fish.

The City of Seattle, King County, and Port of Seattle need to stand up for Seattle’s communities, but instead they are pressuring EPA to weaken the plan even further.

We call on our elected officials to support a cleanup that will provide A River For All – residents, fishermen, tribes, recreational users, workers, and businesses…..

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