Duwamish Alive! restoration a roaring success!

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Earth Day weekend might have been quiet for some, but not for the hundreds of people who pitched in their shovels and beautified the riverbanks of the Duwamish. Duwamish Alive! is a coalition of over 30 organizations that include community groups, non-profits, local businesses and Federal, State, local and Tribal governments. Twice a year we… Read more.

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Re-Defining Environmental Equity in the Duwamish Valley with Lessons from the South Bronx

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Talk to community organizers from the South Bronx and Seattle’s Duwamish River Valley and you’ll learn environmental justice isn’t just about public health impacts and toxic exposure, but about equity – quality of life, feeling good about where you live, good jobs and affordable housing. In this feature set in the Duwamish Valley, where cleanup and revitalization are underway, we talk with local organizers and Majora Carter, a nationally recognized urban revitalization expert, who became known for her work in the South Bronx.

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