From Macklemore To Chief Seattle’s Descendant, Many Are Eager For Duwamish River Cleanup

Published on in KUOW

Macklemore rolls up in his signature old black Cadillac, sporting black Ray-Bans and big boots.

He’s late. “Google took us on a bit of a joy ride this morning,” explains the rapper (real name: Ben Haggerty).

But fortunately, Seattle’s beloved star hasn’t left concert-goers in a lurch. He’s not here to perform. He’s come to this heavily industrial and polluted part of South Seattle to go for a paddle on the river he’s made his cause celebre: the Duwamish.

“Industry has come in here and made this water crazy levels of toxicity,” Macklemore said, before dragging his kayak down the rocky beach. “And it’s pushed away, it’s not talked about much and I wanted to get involved in any way that I could.”

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