Environmental Justice

Everyone who lives, works, or plays on or near the Duwamish River is affected by the existing pollution and planned cleanup. In fact, everyone in the region is affected by the loss of economic or recreational opportunities; pollution of fish, bird, wildlife, and habitat; and the costs of the cleanup. But the people most affected by the pollution are those who live or work close to the river, many of whom are non-English speaking, low-income, and/or people of color – environmental justice communities.

  • South Seattle’s Georgetown and South Park residents have been living side-by-side with polluting industries for decades.
  • South Seattle’s overflowing wastewater pipes (CSOs) are among the last to be upgraded and controlled.
  • Duwamish River fishers and crabbers may put themselves and their families at risk in order to have food on the table.
  • Some workers at riverside industries are exposed on a daily basis.

But a groundswell from the community is making a difference.

Community activists, social justice and environmental organizations, and small businesses have joined together to form the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/TAG, to advocate for a just and equitable cleanup that truly protects all of the people who depend on the Duwamish River as a place to live, work, play and pray.