Service Learning

DRCC/TAG builds its capacity through students’ service learning projects. Rather than a typical internship, DRCC/TAG offers hands-on community-based learning opportunities that take your education to the next level. Contact DRCC/TAG to see how you can get involved.

Spring 2010 UW College of the Built Environment Masters Studio, focusing on ‘activating’ the Duwamish Vision, through pairing students with community stakeholders to create design concept drawings for future Duwamish projects.

Our American Generation, is a youth-run think tank that facilitates research and offers policy proposals concerning social justice issues crucial to the future of our country. Click here to read their Environmental Justice issue, featuring Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, and the Duwamish Tribe.

University of Washington’s Community Environment and Planning program was instrumental to assist DRCC/TAG with the 2008-2009 Green-Duwamish Watershed map and Duwamish Vision project. Rose Thornton was the design coordinator for the Duwamish Vision maps.
DRCC/TAG’s partnership with CEP continues in 2010 with students working on a variety of projects to ‘activate the Duwamish Vision.’

T-117 Video project: Conner Toshiro Kutsunai, Brad Shipley, Sorayya Aminian

Affordable Housing Opportunities in the Duwamish River Valley, by Cristina Haworth, Scott Jensen, and Jenn Robinson-Jahns

Seattle University’s Religion and Ecology class service learning projects:

Brochure to help “Make your Residence Eco-Friendly”, by Stefanie Schmuck

Report on Duwamish Valley affordable housing

Tyler Locher, a serior at Big Picture High School produced a brochure about Duwamish River Ospreys and environmental health.

Brandusa Bularca’s 2009 UW Masters in Architecture project, “Manufacturing Fields: Man-Making and Re-making of Seattle Metropolitain Industries,” focusing on the Duwamish River and Harbor Island eco-industrial design. (link to free download or pay for paperback book.)

University of Oregon’s 2009 Landscape and Landscape Architecture program Urban Design Program.

Cari Simson, former DRCC/TAG’s Program Manager, began working with DRCC/TAG in 2005 while she was getting her Masters at Antioch University – Seattle, and helped host a community ‘visioning’ workshop with the Georgetown neighborhood in March of 2005. Read her thesis, “Habitat Restoration and the Cultivation of Sustainable Habits,” on Duwamish River community participatory design and public involvement.