The Duwamish: EPA cleanup plan ‘huge day’ for Seattle’s river

Published on in Seattle PI

The Duwamish River in Seattle has been what industry likes to call a “working” stream for nearly 100 years. It has been overworked but is finally going to get a cleanup in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan released Tuesday.

The EPA announced a more ambitious plan for the Superfund site that will involve dredging 960,000 cubic yards of sediments from 177 acres of riverbed, with 24 acres to be capped with “clean” sediment.

“This is a huge day for Seattle’s only river, and for the people of Seattle,” said Mayor Ed Murray.

A longtime cleanup activist, James Rasmussen of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, added perspective: ”This is a stronger plan with more enforcement on the river than what they had proposed. This sets the minimum; this is the minimum that should be done.”

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