Duwamish Alive! 2012: A Success

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Yes! ¬†This year’s Duwamish Alive! spring event was a complete success thanks to our amazing and hard-working volunteers!¬†Over 1,000 volunteers joined forces and made of the Duwamish River a healthier place for our plants, fish, other wildlife and our communities on Saturday, April 21, 2012!


DRCC/TAG, People For Puget Sound and the Port of Seattle joined forces and lead a volunteer event at the T-107 Public Access Site (4700 West Marginal Way SW).  Here a few  highlights of the day:


53 volunteers representing different community groups, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, etc. attended the volunteer event

Removed 2,617 ft2 of exotic and native plants 

Spread 1980 ft2 of mulch

Removed 737 ft of goose exclusion fence

Planted 10 native trees


Take a look at some pictures of April 2012’s Duwamish Alive!

Contact Alberto at alberto@duwamishcleanup.org or(206) 453-9803 for more info.


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