Community Health Introduction

In 2009, the Duwamish Vision Plan and Map identified what the community most wanted: a “healthy community” – healthy river, healthy people, healthy business districts, and more.

Currently, DRCC/TAG is working towards this goal through two main projects:


The Duwamish Valley Healthy Communities Initiative in 2011 to make progress towards this goal. It originally consisted of three main projects:

  • Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE): Over an 18 month period, the CARE project worked to identify, prioritize, and fund actions to address community health concerns.
  • The Duwamish Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Analysis (CHIA): This research-focused project published by DRCC/TAG and Just Health Action documented health inequities to inform and educate community and decision makers.
  • The Duwamish Health Impact Assessment (HIA): University of Washington’s School of Public Health, Just Health Action, and DRCC/TAG worked in partnership to evaluate EPA’s proposed river cleanup plan and make recommendations to improve health outcomes. The recommendations, developed by a “community advisory group,” a “tribal advisory group,” and a “liaison group,” were submitted to EPA as an official comment in 2013 as well as presented to local elected officials.This research-focused project documented health inequities to inform and educate community and decision makers.

Even though these three projects wrapped up in 2013, the continued interest and momentum from the community led DRCC/TAG to transform the initiative into an official program. The goal of this program continues to be helping the community achieve the goal of having a healthy community.

As always, we will keep on working with and for you to make our river clean and our communities healthier.