Duwamish Community Air Watch

What do you observe about air pollution and air quality in the Duwamish Valley? Share what you know on this crowdsource map, developed by Western Washington University – Huxley College on the Peninsulas!  You can learn more about air quality conditions in the Duwamish Valley by exploring this Story Map.


Observation Link



Check out the map below to see what has already been reported by your neighbors and share what you know!  Enter your observation.  This map will highlight pockets of pollution and assist in tracking it to its source.   Your posts will be compiled by a Western Washington University team and reported to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

This map was developed as part of the Duwamish Community Action for Clean Air project funded through an EPA Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-solving Cooperative Agreement.  Through this project, DRCC/TAG and project partners are working together and with the community to understand the primary sources of air pollution and reduce exposures to these.