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Cleaning up the Lower Duwamish Waterway: EPA plan is not entirely inclusive

Published on in Seattle Times

Letter to the Editor: The decision facing us on Seattle’s Duwamish River has the potential to be transformational. Now that the cleanup is beginning, will we choose an approach that benefits just some, or all of the river’s communities?

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SLIDESHOW: Port 101 Duwamish River boat tour, “Community, nature & industry must coexist”

Published on in West Seattle Herald

The Port of Seattle’s Duwamish River 101 cruise featured experts who spoke about environmental activism needed to clean the polluted river while expressing the need to preserve jobs and West Seattle & Georgetown communities along the waterway. Pictured are two happy fishermen showing off their catch, coho salmon, near Boeing Slip 4, soon to become a 3,000 foot long habitat restoration area

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Terminal 117 Community Open House

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Terminal 117 (T-117), located in the South Park neighborhood, is a joint cleanup project by the Port of Seattle and the City of Seattle, under the direction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Yard, planting strip and southern alleyway cleanup activities will begin this fall in the area between S Dallas and S Cloverdale… Read more.

Polluted Waters: How Clean Is Clean?

Published on in Earth Fix

Here’s Part II of yesterday’s article Clean Water Act’s Anti-Pollution Goals Prove Elusive

Even with the fresh produce, milk, bread and other provisions they’ll get, some of the people here also eat what they catch in the Duwamish. Many of the crabs, shellfish and bottom-feeding fish in the Duwamish are contaminated with carcinogens. Signs are posted in several languages warning against eating them.

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