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Can we really ‘restore’ the Duwamish, Seattle’s industrial river?

Published on in Crosscut

This article from Crosscut is a discussion of the rich history of the Duwamish River and the extent of the damage that has been done to it. In spite of diverse challenges like the risk of gentrification and the efficacy of the Superfund site’s cleanup efforts, progress continues toward a cleaner river and healthier community.

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City Inside/Out: Duwamish Cleanup featuring James Rasmussen

Published on in Seattle Channel

Check out a recent episode of City Inside/Out from the Seattle Channel.  The episode is focused on the $342 million cleanup plan released by EPA – including timeline, how clean the river will be at the end of it, and the impact on the neighborhoods of South and Georgetown. Hear the community’s and potentially responsible parties’ response to EPA’s Record of Decision – their final decision regarding the cleanup of the Duwamish River.  The episode also includes a panel featuring James Rasmussen (DRCC/TAG), Allison Hiltner (EPA), Dave Gering (MIC of Seattle), and Dave Schuchardt (City of Seattle).

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Open Letter to EPA, Seattle, King County, Port

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Open Letter to EPA, Seattle Mayor McGinn, King County Executive Constantine, Port CEO Tay Yositani: Seattle Needs A River For All  (click link for full text) EPA has released its draft plan for cleanup of the Duwamish River. State and federal laws require the cleanup to protect people’s health, or at least reduce pollution to levels… Read more.

With focus on toxics, Duwamish cleanup could leave other health problems unsolved

Published on in InvestigateWest

If the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency isn’t going to ensure Seattle’s Duwamish River is clean enough for needy residents to fish there for their dinner, the agency needs to ensure those people get fish some other way – even if that means supplying seafood through food banks. Or building clean urban fishing ponds. Or giving people shares in a seafood cooperative akin to a community-supported-agriculture operation.

That’s one thrust of a new report by health advocates commenting on the EPA’s proposed cleanup plan for the heavily polluted Duwamish….

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