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Defending the Duwamish

Published on in The Planet

Among the dangerous contaminants found in the Duwamish River are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These cancer-causing chemicals were produced only by Monsanto for decades, and now, the City of Seattle is entering into a lawsuit against the company. The city aims to use compensation funds from the suit to support the clean up of the Duwamish River. This article from The Planet features information about how the polluted river affects nearby communities, and includes perspectives from DRCC/TAG staff.

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Duwamish River cleanup plans get a boost for inclusion

Published on in The Seattle Globalist

Even though the Duwamish River may appear outwardly to be clean, many of its fish are contaminated and are dangerous to eat. Including statements from James Rasmussen and Alberto Rodríguez, this article from the Seattle Globalist emphasises DRCC/TAG’s inclusion work and the importance of reaching out to immigrant, refugee, and disadvantaged fishers, who bear much of the burden of the polluted river.

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Law Seminar International’s Clean Water and Stormwater Conference

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DRCC/TAG Policy Advisor BJ Cummings will present the community perspective on the Superfund site on the Duwamish Cleanup Panel, Monday, May 5 at 3:00 p.m. Speakers at this year’s seminar will help you understand this complex area of the law and will share practical tips to avoid traps that can lead to increased regulatory compliance costs… Read more.

Dept. of Ecology sampling local soil for dioxins and furans

Published on in West Seattle Herald

West Seattle, South Park and Georgetown are among the Seattle neighborhoods in which the Washington Department of Ecology will sample soils for dioxins and furans. The agency is conducting a statewide study on their presence in local soils. They will be collecting 120 samples in 20 randomly chosen locations in both rural and urban areas of Washington

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State must move forward to clean up the Duwamish River

Published on in The Seattle Times

Seattle’s only river flows through the South Seattle neighborhoods of Georgetown and South Park. The lower five-mile stretch was designated a Superfund site in 2001, meaning it’s on the federal government’s list of the most toxic places in the nation. The waters of the lower Duwamish contain unsafe levels of arsenic, PCBs, dioxins and even raw sewage

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