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Can we really ‘restore’ the Duwamish, Seattle’s industrial river?

Published on in Crosscut

This article from Crosscut is a discussion of the rich history of the Duwamish River and the extent of the damage that has been done to it. In spite of diverse challenges like the risk of gentrification and the efficacy of the Superfund site’s cleanup efforts, progress continues toward a cleaner river and healthier community.

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Falling gas prices undercut toxic-waste cleanups

Published on in InvestigateWest

Environmental groups in the Puget Sound area often face obstacles – for example, the recent state budget cuts that are the result of falling gas prices. These cuts are negatively impacting funding for important environmental work, including toxic waste cleanup, reduction of diesel pollution, and protection of water quality. In this article from InvestigateWest, DRCC/TAG is identified as an organization affected by these cuts.

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State cuts threaten Puget Sound, cleanups, grassroots groups

Published on in InvestigateWest

State budget cuts are threatening environmental efforts in Washington. MTCA Hazardous Substance Tax includes funding for Public Participation Grants which support work like that of DRCC/TAG. With the falling gas prices, these funds are in threat. DRCC/TAG – and many grassroots groups – will feel the impact of the reduction or elimination of these grants.

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Seattle may finally get its environmental justice act together

Published on in InvestigateWest

Although Seattle was awarded as the most sustainable city in the country in 2014, it still has work to do in the department of environmental justice. DRCC/TAG is directly involved in this important work as a member of the Equity and Environment Initiative’s Community Partners Steering Committee. This initiative is aimed at making sure all community members – regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity – will benefit from environmental progress in our city.

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Earth Day challenge: Cleaning up the Duwamish and remaking environmentalism

Published on in Seattle PI

Environmentalism is often seen as an movement for the outdoorsy affluent. Seattle’s recent Equity and Environment Initiative (EEI) is aimed at meaningfully involving the disadvantaged and most disproportionately impacted. This article from Seattle PI discusses the work of DRCC/TAG’s Duwamish Valley Youth Corps and the Equity and Environment Action Agenda.

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