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A Community-Driven Cleanup: Restoring the Duwamish River

Published on in Urban Waters Learning Network

What does it mean when the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition / Technical Advisory Group (DRCC/TAG) says that our work is driven and guided by community?  This Urban Waters Learning Network blog post delves into community prioritization, leveraging funds for projects, and more.

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Students along polluted Duwamish River champion ‘environmental justice’

Published on in Seattle PI

Recently, the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps hosted the 2nd annual Environmental Justice Youth Forum. It is a youth designed event focused on youth sharing with their community about the health of the Duwamish Valley and actions to take to improve the community and environmental health.  These youth are using their voices to speak up for their community – check out this recent article about their efforts.

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Largest Green Wall in Seattle Takes Shape in Georgetown

Published on in Seattle Weekly

In October 2016, the green wall at CDL Recycle was installed in partnership with Just Health Action.  This green wall was the result of community prioritizing the need to address air pollution and identifying this location as an important site to begin taking action.  This article captures the story from identifying the issue to implementing the first step of many to address this significant community health concern.  The project culminated in a planting day on October 22, 2016 with volunteers planting plants and spreading mulch!

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News Release: Taking Green Action for Air Pollution

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Community, non-profits, industry, and government are partnering together to take action on community and health priorities through an innovative green solution located on the border between industry and residential areas in Georgetown, Seattle, WA. Just Health Action (JHA) and DRCC/TAG are partnering to install a 136-foot long and 12-foot high free standing vegetated trellis system… Read more.

Defending the Duwamish

Published on in The Planet

Among the dangerous contaminants found in the Duwamish River are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These cancer-causing chemicals were produced only by Monsanto for decades, and now, the City of Seattle is entering into a lawsuit against the company. The city aims to use compensation funds from the suit to support the clean up of the Duwamish River. This article from The Planet features information about how the polluted river affects nearby communities, and includes perspectives from DRCC/TAG staff.

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The Duwamish Valley Youth Corps are coming for your litter

Published on in The Seattle Globalist

In the Duwamish Valley, there is a high-percentage of underserved, at-risk youth with limited access to any type of youth programming. DRCC/TAG’s Duwamish Valley Youth Corps program aims to address this gap by offering training and environmental education to these youth, as well as a chance to take action and meaningfully address the environmental injustices they face in their communities. Check out what they have been up to in this article from The Seattle Globalist!

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Duwamish River cleanup plans get a boost for inclusion

Published on in The Seattle Globalist

Even though the Duwamish River may appear outwardly to be clean, many of its fish are contaminated and are dangerous to eat. Including statements from James Rasmussen and Alberto Rodríguez, this article from the Seattle Globalist emphasises DRCC/TAG’s inclusion work and the importance of reaching out to immigrant, refugee, and disadvantaged fishers, who bear much of the burden of the polluted river.

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