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Duwamish River cleanup plans get a boost for inclusion

Published on in The Seattle Globalist

Even though the Duwamish River may appear outwardly to be clean, many of its fish are contaminated and are dangerous to eat. Including statements from James Rasmussen and Alberto Rodríguez, this article from the Seattle Globalist emphasises DRCC/TAG’s inclusion work and the importance of reaching out to immigrant, refugee, and disadvantaged fishers, who bear much of the burden of the polluted river.

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EPA’s Duwamish River cleanup plan draws skepticism

Published on in Oregon Public Broadcasting (Earthfix/KUOW)

The final hearing Wednesday on a cleanup plan for one of the Northwest’s most polluted rivers brought out concerns that it doesnt do enough to protect fish, wildlife and human health.

More than 300 people came out to learn about the EPA’s proposed cleanup plan for the Duwamish River.

“I want to say no. I want to be able to go and fish in that river. I know many of our community members do too.” said [South Park resident Paulina Lopez], holding her infant on her chest in a sling. “I want a river that will be able to protect the health of our communities.”

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Open Letter to EPA, Seattle, King County, Port

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Open Letter to EPA, Seattle Mayor McGinn, King County Executive Constantine, Port CEO Tay Yositani: Seattle Needs A River For All  (click link for full text) EPA has released its draft plan for cleanup of the Duwamish River. State and federal laws require the cleanup to protect people’s health, or at least reduce pollution to levels… Read more.

With focus on toxics, Duwamish cleanup could leave other health problems unsolved

Published on in InvestigateWest

If the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency isn’t going to ensure Seattle’s Duwamish River is clean enough for needy residents to fish there for their dinner, the agency needs to ensure those people get fish some other way – even if that means supplying seafood through food banks. Or building clean urban fishing ponds. Or giving people shares in a seafood cooperative akin to a community-supported-agriculture operation.

That’s one thrust of a new report by health advocates commenting on the EPA’s proposed cleanup plan for the heavily polluted Duwamish….

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Lower Duwamish Waterway plan open for public comment

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Seattle’s Duwamish River was once a meandering estuary in the heart of the city. A century ago, it was transformed into an industrial waterway and used as a dumping ground for decades. New its a Superfund site – and the Environmental Protection Agency has released a plan to clean it up.

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