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Defending the Duwamish

Published on in The Planet

Among the dangerous contaminants found in the Duwamish River are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These cancer-causing chemicals were produced only by Monsanto for decades, and now, the City of Seattle is entering into a lawsuit against the company. The city aims to use compensation funds from the suit to support the clean up of the Duwamish River. This article from The Planet features information about how the polluted river affects nearby communities, and includes perspectives from DRCC/TAG staff.

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Seattle may finally get its environmental justice act together

Published on in InvestigateWest

Although Seattle was awarded as the most sustainable city in the country in 2014, it still has work to do in the department of environmental justice. DRCC/TAG is directly involved in this important work as a member of the Equity and Environment Initiative’s Community Partners Steering Committee. This initiative is aimed at making sure all community members – regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity – will benefit from environmental progress in our city.

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Earth Day challenge: Cleaning up the Duwamish and remaking environmentalism

Published on in Seattle PI

Environmentalism is often seen as an movement for the outdoorsy affluent. Seattle’s recent Equity and Environment Initiative (EEI) is aimed at meaningfully involving the disadvantaged and most disproportionately impacted. This article from Seattle PI discusses the work of DRCC/TAG’s Duwamish Valley Youth Corps and the Equity and Environment Action Agenda.

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A Big Step Towards Achieving Health Equity in Seattle

Published on in DRCC/TAG Press Release

On February 9, 2015, Seattle City Council unanimously passed Resolution 31567!  By passing this resolution, Seattle City Council is taking a significant step towards a comprehensive, health protective cleanup.  Thank you to those who voiced their support!  And thank you to Seattle City Council for taking action!


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