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Duwamish Vision Released: Water Taxis, Aerial Gondolas, Or..?

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Just back from a media-geared boat tour along the South Park stretch of the Duwamish River with BJ Cummings of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, immediately after her group released its report on a year-in-the-making community-created vision of the Duwamish’s future. The “vision” – she was careful to caution, it’s a vision, not yet a plan – covers the West Seattle side of the Duwamish Valley as well, and we have maps, drawings, and video to show you; we’ll be adding them to this report over the next hour-plus

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Pristine future envisioned for Duwamish River Valley

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At a cove on the Duwamish River heavily polluted by cancer-promoting PCBs, envision instead a kayak rental shop, a fish market and a water taxi stop.
At the site of the old Malarkey asphalt plant — tainted not only by PCBs, but also by dioxins — picture a park cuddling small water channels where young salmon safely rest on their journey to sea

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