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Halloween Haunted Toxic Boat Tour

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It’s time for our annual Halloween Boat Tour!   Several spooky guides will lead you on a two-hour boat tour of the Duwamish River. You’ll hear local Native American supernatural legends, spooky settler stories from Georgetown and South Park, and learn about the terrifying toxic chemicals in the Duwamish River. The tour will happen rain or… Read more.

2011 Haunted Halloween Toxic Boat Tour Report

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We had a great Halloween Haunted History/Toxic Terrors Tour in 2011! We were super lucky to have great personalities join us this year. Thank you, Salvador Dali, Che Guevara, Neo and others! Attendees also witnessed firsthand what can happen to you if you are exposed to hazardous toxic chemicals (you become a toxic zombie!). Thank you, everybody, for… Read more.