A Community Testimony about Restoring the Flow

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We just exceeded $10,000 in our Restore the Flow campaign Рwe are over halfway there! Thank you to each individual who is partnering with us through this campaign to ensure that the community is central to the future of the cleanup of the Duwamish River.  Donate today to help us reach our goal before May 3!


Today, we get to hear a little bit from Paulina Lopez.  A few years ago, Paulina grew her role at DRCC/TAG from being a South Park community member and volunteer to become a permanent member of our staff!  Paulina shares a little bit of her story and why the work of DRCC/TAG is important:

Paulina and family

Paulina and her family at a recent Duwamish Alive! volunteer event

“Every day, my family enjoys going to South Park’s only park with access to the Duwamish River.¬†I worry about how much of an impact the river in our lives and the lives of many other families in the area.

I want everyone to be fully aware of how critical a successful cleanup of my river is to the health of our community. And if our voices are not actively represented in the cleanup process, I am afraid someone else is going to decide the future of our River and the future of our community without us.

Paulina DonationDRCC/TAG works closely with the community to ensure meaningful community engagement and empowerment. ¬†This approach is the only way we will be able to make the Duwamish a¬†River for All:¬†neighbors, Native American tribes, recreational users, fishing families, and industries. ¬†During the public comment period for the Proposed Cleanup Plan for the Duwamish River in 2013, DRCC/TAG received over 2300 comments in 10 different languages. ¬†Without DRCC/TAG’s role engaging and
informing the community about the details, these results would not be possible and people who are directly affected by the health of this river would not have had a chance to give¬†their opinion and strengthen the final cleanup plan.”

Join Paulina in Restoring the Flow!

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